The Navkis PU College for girls has faculty who are not only competent in their subject knowledge, but who are sensitive to the needs of students and who are well trained in imparting holistic learning.


Sl No Name of the Teacher Designation       Qulification
1 Mrs. Padma Giri Dhannya Principal M.Sc B.Ed, M.Phil
2 Mrs. Sumithra H R. Lecturer in Chemistry M. Sc M.Ed
3 Mrs. Rashmitha Shetty Lecturer in Chemistry M.Sc
4 Ms. Chaitra Lecturer in Physics M. Sc
5 Mrs. Adilakshmi Lecturer in Physics M. Sc B.Ed
6 Mrs. Nayana S Raddi Lecturer in Biology M. Sc B.Ed
7 Mrs. Shanthala N Lecturer in Biology M.Sc B.Ed
8 Mrs. Roopa R Lecturer in Mathematics M.Sc B.Ed
9 Mr. Balamurugan   Lecturer in Mathematics MS.c M.Phil
10 Ms. Ranjitha B Lecturer In Physical Education B. A, M.P.ED
11 Mrs. Rajeshwari Lecturer in Kannada M.A B.Ed
12 Mrs. Shobha Lecturer In Hindi M.A B.ED
13 Mr. Subhash   Lecturer In English M.A, M.Phil
14 Mr. Sathish Bhat Lecturer in Sanskrit M.A , B.Ed  
15 Mrs. Veena Ganesh   Lecturer in Comp . Science   M.Sc Comp Sc
16 Ms. Roja R   Librarian M. Lib