In a residential set up the campus takes on a new dimension. Navkis Residential PU college for Girls recognizes the need to recreate for all its residents the warmth and security of home while simultaneously conveying an impress of the surrounding world. Navkis Residential PU college for Girls, provides accommodation, complete with food and recreation infrastructure to the students. Spacious and well laid out rooms; warden supervision, hygiene safety kitchen infrastructure, medical checkups, telephone and state of the art gymnasium are just some of the amenities.

The college campus has a modern building with a corporate outlook with excellent infrastructure and fully furnished classrooms, well equipped laboratories, library, games rooms, yoga hall, seminar hall, discussion rooms, staff room, canteen.


The classrooms are well ventilated, airy and spacious with good furniture that provides adequate comfort and right atmosphere for learning. All these amenities influence the learning approach of students. Classrooms are equipped with multimedia equipment, projector and also have adequate learning space.


Navkis Residential PU college for Girls is well equipped with state of the art laboratories wherein the students gain a meaningful coherence between theory and practical sessions.

Chemistry lab

A place that develops inmate futuristic atmosphere. The labs are well equipped and can accommodate 20 students in a batch. Well qualified and skilled staff empowers the students to respond with maximum velocity

Physics lab

A well equipped lab, spacious enough to accommodate about 20 students in a batch. An excellent training around, for problem solving practical understudies of the subject through experiments taught by expert teachers.

Biology lab

The lab is well maintained with bio-visual aids, models, slides, optical instruments which provides students with a better understanding of basic biological concepts.

Computer lab

The college has an efficient computer lab to cater to the needs of the ever growing sophistication in the information technology.


The College has an in-house infirmary which tends to the healthcare needs of the resident students. It is equipped with a bed, emergency medicines, first-aid kit. The College is associated with a well-known hospital in the locality, five kilometres away from the campus for emergency situations. The College regularly conducts physical check ups, which are administered by doctors from Ramaiah Medical Hospital.


The College enables its residents to keep in touch with their parents, relatives and friends Residents are encouraged to utilize the service in the library, where it is accessed. During the pandemic all programmes were offered to students using Upswing as a platform for online learning and support.

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