Residential facilities

Navkis PU provides accommodation to all students which include their food, laundry, recreation, health care and other grooming support. The rooms are spacious and house 4 to 6 students in each room. A warden and the resident teachers are overall responsible for the students’ safety, guidance and care. Hygienic kitchens, supervision, laundry, medical checks ups, exercise and fitness are just some of the amenities. Each room is furnished with individual beds, table and individual storage space for clothing. Housekeeping is taken care of and the rooms are maintained neat and tidy.


The menu is a blend of nutrition and is of hygienic value. The menu offerings is changed periodically and a balanced meal is offered to all students.


Uniforms both boarding and college. Track pant, House dress and college T shirt once in week. Regular uniform blue bottom and Pink checked top with waist coat.

Boarding: Churidar with duppatta

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