Why PUC at Navkis PUC (GIRLS)


The benefits of studying in a fully residential PU college are very man. The targets and goals of the student is set and there is no compromise made in achieving this goal. What we offer at the campus is a focus on Holistic education which encompasses development of the cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains. The cognitive domain focusses on: complex thinking skills, information processing skills, collaboration and cooperation skills and communication skills apart from creative skills. A Residential programme also benefits the students in terms of building discipline, responsibility, leadership skills in students along with values that add to the emotional intelligence of the student. Empathy and managing relationships is a must in today’s world and a residential school gives students this vantage point which builds on the affective domain. Physical fitness is given importance to and students learn to play both individual and team games which in turn build on the psychomotor domain. Apart from this, we have the mentoring system in place through which we ensure students are regularly coached and counselled round the year. Student progress is monitored frequently and targets for achievement are set. These targets are reviewed periodically by the Principal.


As a part of the experiential learning, students are exposed to field work, project work, complex assignments and each of this is an unforgettable and memorable experience for each student. In all, Navkis believes in making students lifelong learners, responsible citizen and those who are groomed to become potential leaders of the future.