At Navkis we look at education as an inviting and exciting journey into the new world of intellectual, spiritual and emotional learning. An education system that engenders the development and growth of all five aspects of personality - that is physical, cognitive, aesthetic, emotional and spiritual.


The school is affiliated to the CBSE, Government of India, New Delhi.

The curriculum is strictly as per the norms laid down by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Government of India, New Delhi.

Apart from following the CBSE curriculum, the school also offers need-based courses such as Computers, Personality development, Art and craft and Llife skills programme.

The methodology of teaching involves participative and experimental learning approach along with audio visual aids. Individual counselling and continuous evaluation supports the teaching process.

Every teacher of the school is a friend, philosopher and guide to the students. The school has highly qualified, motivated and trained teachers who are amongst the best in their respective fields. The teacher student ratio is kept at 1:28, so as to provide adequate attention to students.

The teachers assess the students at regular intervals upto Grade II, which means there are virtually no exams till Grade II. We do have reviews, which help us to evaluate how much the students have grasped the contents.


The Parents Teachers Committee Meeting is held twice in a year for all the students.

The schedule is followed meticulously and the parents are assured of no delay or waiting. Besides formal meetings, parents are invited to consult teachers with a prior appointment.

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